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Santorini Island

Santorini is one of the most popular wedding destinations worldwide and the top Greek destination, Santorini, is one of the most magical places you’ve ever seen!

The population of Santorini is 14000 people and is located on the southern side of the Aegean sea, Santorini Greece is a part of Cyclades island complex. The island was created after a huge volcanic eruption, occurred in 17th century B.C., which shaped the breathtaking Santorini caldera.

Santorini is famous for its rich history and breathtaking scenery, with beautiful sunset views that can enchant us all year round in the warm Aegean climate. With its historical sights, cobbled villages, flowery fields, friendly restaurants and busy nightlife there’s something to cater to everyone. Santorini offers the perfect mixture of great weather, exotic venues, romance and excitement. The island has European and Eastern influences, as well, thus both sightseeing in Santorini and its cuisine are amazing.
Santorini is an ideal destination to celebrate your wedding, as well. The island is the home of romantic sights of love, thus there is no better place on Earth to tie the knot.
Located in Greece with 330 days of sunshine a year, you are almost guaranteed warm weather and azure blue skies should you choose to marry on this beautiful island. Santorini is easily approachable, via international flights during the summer time and local ferries all year around.
It can be very hot from June to September, the ideal time to get married in Santorini is during spring and autumn when the weather is still sunny and warm. The weather in the winter is pleasant but it gets a tad cooler, while the summer months can get really hot. July and August are generally very busy, so it’s important to book your wedding day in Santorini  as soon as you can to get your desired date to avoid disappointment.


Marriages conducted in Santorini are internationally accepted and legally binding. You have to stay in Santorini for 1 clear business days before your wedding day. You must apply for the wedding in-person with a marriage officer at the municipality of your preference. The following documentation for both the bride and groom is required when applying for a marriage license in Santorini: passport, full birth certificate and a certificate of no impediment for non-UK residents.
Civil and symbolic ceremonies on can take place in any of Santorinii weddings venues. Civil ceremonies can be conducted in the local town hall where you are staying, in a hotel that has a dedicated wedding room or outdoor area or in one of Santorini’s’ special civil outdoor wedding venues. The wedding ceremony will be performed in Greek and English, two witnesses must sign your marriage certificate. Your marriage license will be issued in Greek and you will need to translated before register your wedding  in your home country.
A standard civil wedding ceremony will costs around 500 euros, an urgency civil wedding license will cost you 750 euros and you have to pay the fee to the town hall. Outside the town hall the fees are between 400 and 800 euros.
You can also get married in your home country and have a symbolic ceremony later in Santorini, many couples choose this solution to avoid bureaucracy and extra paper work cost.
A catholic ceremony must be preceded by a civil ceremony to be legally binding. Many hotels now have their own wedding chapels and there are also numerous churches in Santorini which cater to wedding couples. Most churches welcome both Anglican and Catholic denominations. For church weddings, you have to contact the registered officiant at the house of worship where you intend to marry.
Religious ceremony fees are around 130 euros. If you need air conditioning or heating during the ceremony, you have to pay another 30 euros, while you have to fork out 100 euros more if you want confetti when you leave the church – it is quite expensive, since the cleaning of the church takes a considerable time afterwards. Church courtyard rental is 500-600 euros, while catering for a reception there is 5-10 euros per person, depending on the buffet menu.Venue rental might take a big chunk of your budget, since the most prestigious venues charge thousands of euros. By choosing a local restaurant you can avoid this expense or pay much less.
At the venue dinner costs between 30 euros and 50 euros per person, depending on the menu, the price of drink packages ranges from 12 euros to 19 euros per person. The average cocktail price in a 4-star hotel is 12 euros. You might also spend around 300 euros on a delightful wedding cake.
Photography prices in Cyprus start at 1,000 euros, by choosing a more artistic photographer, your cost might reach 2,000 euros. Weigert Images offers wedding photography at great price/quality ratio in Santorini , please feel free to contact us on this website.
Wedding films are in the same price range as photography in Santorini , however a team of cinematographers is more expensive, than just one filmmaker on location. Please contact us to get more information on Weigert Images’ wedding film services in Santorini .
The decoration of the church and the reception area can cost from 800 to 3,000 euros, depending on the couple’s preferences, the type of flowers and the style of decoration they choose. Bridal bouquets cost from 60 to 100 euros. Fortunately, Santorini offers a great selection of beautiful native fresh flowers all year round and by choosing seasonal flowers you can save some money.Wedding dresses to rent are between 150 and 350 euros in Santorini, the average price is around 250  euros. Bridal shoes start at 100 euros and can reach 800 euros or even more.
Suits for the groom to rent the cost 200 to 300 euros, while shoes are between 100 and 300 euros.
Wedding makeup prices range from 150 to 350 euros in Santorini, a trial makeup is usually included. The average cost of a hair stylist is between 180 and 400 euros including two trials.
Wedding rings are usually between 1,000 and 3,000 euros in Santorini.
For 6 hours of music, the DJ charges between 500 and 800 euros, though hiring a live band or orchestra is more expensive.
Renting a classy wedding car for a few hours can also add 300-500 euros to your expenses.
After the wedding ceremony you could travel to around Santorini for more pictures an exotic locations  and spend around 500 euros for extraphotoshooting thatis realy worh the money.

Would you like more info on our wedding photography and wedding film services in Cyprus? Please, contact us on this website.


8 Things Tourists Should Never Do in Santorini

Each summer, thousands of people flock to the marvelous island of Santorini. The white houses with blue doors covered in stunning bougainvillea, the sunset, the volcano, and the caldera are some of the reasons why the island has become such a popular destination over the past decade. But there are some things a visitor should never do in Santorini. Find out More



  • How to get to Santorini : By Ferries ( cost is 40€ ) or Air plain ( cost is 150€ )
  • Thinks to do in Santorini: Visit Fira, Go to Oia for sunset, Volcano Boat Tour, walk from Fira to Oia, take a Photography tour, and of course get Married.
  • Beaches: Kamari Beach, Perissa, Perivolos, Monolithos, Amoudi bay, Read Beach


The international access code for Greece is +30. and the local dialing code for Santorini is 22860

.The outgoing code is 00 followed by the relevant country code (e.g. 001 for the USA or Canada, 0044 for the UK).

While in Greece, the telephone numbers below should be dialed as seen


  • Port Authority(+30) 2286 022239
  • Airport(+30) 2286 028400Olympic
  • Airways(+30) 2286 031525Aegean
  • Airlines(+30) 2286 028500Athens
  • Airways(+30) 2286 032020Santorini’s Local
  • Buses(+30) 2286 025404Santorini’s Radio
  • Taxis(+30) 2286 022555
  • Greek National Tourist Organization Office(+30) 2286 027199


  • Health Centre (Fira)(+30) 2286 022237
  • First Aid Station (Emporio)(+30) 2286 081222First
  • Aid Station (Kamari)(+30) 2286 031175First
  • Aid Station (Oia)(+30) 2286 071227First
  • Aid Station (Pyrgos)(+30) 2286 031207First
  • Aid Station (Thirassia)(+30) 2286 029144
  • Pharmacy (Fira)(+30) 2286 022700
  • Pharmacy (Fira)(+30) 2286 023444
  • Pharmacy (Fira)(+30) 2286 025310
  • Pharmacy (Fira)(+30) 2286 025310
  • Pharmacy (Oia)(+30) 2286 071464
  • Pharmacy (Kamari)(+30) 2286 031840
  • Pharmacy (Messaria)(+30) 2286 032566


  • Police (Fira)(+30) 2286 022649
  • Police (Oia)(+30) 2286 071954
  • Fire Brigade(+30) 2286 033199


    Post Office (Fira)(+30) 2286 022238


  • National bank of Greece (Fira)(+30) 2286 022662
  • Alpha Bank (Fira)(+30) 2286 023801


  • Archaeological Museum of Santorini (Fira)(+30) 2286 022217
  • Prehistorical Museum of Santorini (Fira)(+30) 2286 023217
  • Archeological Site of Akrotiri(+30) 2286 081366

Santorini Wedding Info

How to plan a wedding in Santorini

Are you wondering how to Plan your Wedding in Santorini? It’s easy!
This is a step-by step guide to planning your wedding:

  • Find a Santorini wedding Planner ( Nikos Sirigos  is one of the most experts wedding planner in Santorini )
  • Choose the wedding venue of your desired  ( wedding planner will help you with all the wedding venues info )
  • Make reservation for your Wedding date and time.
  • Upon receipt of a deposit of Euro 300 (nonrefundable), we will secure the wedding date and time with the Registrar’s office and send you the confirmation.

Choose a wedding package

All of our wedding packages includes the official celebrant, so you can choose one of our Santorini wedding packages or share your ideas with us to create your own unique, dream wedding package. We will help you choose the perfect package as well as the wedding venue and reception area.

Wedding Documents

We will give you information to gather all the necessary wedding documents that you wil need for your wedding in santorini. Once you gather all the necessary Santorini wedding documentation you will needto send the to us via fax or email. ( you will need to bring the originals with you when you come to Santorini )
We should receive documents 2 – 3 weeks prior to your wedding date.


General info

After the wedding:
After the ceremony has be performed the couple have a legal obligation to register the wedding at the local council within 4 days, failure to do so will result in the marriage having no validity

Please note that the paperwork that you provide to the Greek authorities is NOT returned to you after the wedding, they are kept on record.

You will need to register your wedding in any country you like 2 months after you get your marriage certificate with Apostile stamp from our Town Hall in Santorini

Wedding Documents that is needed for Legal wedding ceremony 


  • USA – AMERICA Wedding documents for Bride’s and Groom’s that comes from USA




  • CANADA Wedding documents for Bride’s and Groom’s that comes from Canada



  • SWEDEN Wedding documents for Bride’s and Groom’s that comes  from Sweden


  • Austalia Wedding documents for Bride’s and Groom’s that comes from Australia


  • New Zealand Wedding documents for Bride’s and Groom’s that comes from New Zealand


  • Hong Kong / China Wedding documents for Bride’s and Groom’s that comes from Hong Kong /China


  • Netherlands Wedding documents for Bride’s and Groom’s


  • Italy Wedding documents for Bride’s and Groom’s that comes from


  • Souht Africa Wedding documents for Bride’s and Groom’s that comes  from South Africa


  • Deutschland Wedding documents for Bride’s and Groom’s that comes from Deutschland




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